The Positive Post It Note Project

Welcome back to A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me!

Today I am very excited to start a new project called The Positive Post It Note Project. Keep reading this blog post to find out what the project is all about; how I came about creating the project; and how you can take part.


What the project is all about

The Positive Post It Note Project is all about noticing all the positive things in our lives, not just the negatives.

How I came up with the idea

Recently I have gone through a bad time in my life, but about a week ago I realised that the aim of life is to live life to the full and to enjoy ourselves. I then started to think that a lot of people only think about the negatives in life. However, there are a lot of positives in life too. We just have to notice them. So then I started to think about the best way I could remind myself of this. As some of you may know I love writing and aspire to be an author when I’m older, thus I decided that the best way I could remind myself was to write all the positive things I had heard and read down on post it notes, and put them somewhere where I often look. I chose my wardrobe.

How you can take part

All you need to do to take part is to get yourself a pack of post it notes and a pen. I chose a black marker pen because it really stands out and shows that the things written down are important.  I have also created a different category for each colour of post it notes.

Pink post it notes are for something positive someone has said to you about your appearance. Eg. Your hair looks nice today

Blue post it notes are for something positive someone has said to you about your characteristics. Eg. You are a very kind person

Yellow post it notes are for anything else positive that you have been told of have heard. For this one it doesn’t have to be said to you. You could overhear a stranger saying something positive in the street. Eg. Thank you. That is so generous.

Green post it notes are for positive things you have read. This could be in books, magazines, blogs, newspapers ect. Eg. 4 lives were saved in a car accident because of a selfless man

So we can create awareness of The Positive Post It Note Project, please feel free to post pictures on your blogs and social media, but make sure you use the hashtag #thepositivepostitnoteproject and link back to my blog, so if others want to take part they can find out how to.

Also, please remember that others around you may be taking part in this project, so remember to speak positively and to complement people when you can. Thank You.

You can find the exact post it notes I used here, but most stationary shops and supermarkets/grocery stores sell them too.

Until next time, goodbye


6 thoughts on “The Positive Post It Note Project

  1. Love this!!!! I might start doing this soon. I came here looking for an opportunity to self promote, but instead I actually fell in love with your blog. I too am an anonymous blogger who has recently gone through a hard time, and like you want to write them down on a blog. If I do end up doing this (if I don’t I’ll just re-read your confidence tips haha) then I’ll post it on my blog and credit you 🙂 Have a great day and I hope your life soon finds some sparkle again 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Adrianna! Thank you taking time to write such a lovely comment. You have made my day after having to sit through a REALLY boring Theology and Ethics lesson! Teachers can be so boring right? I’m so glad you are considering writing about your life and what you have been through on your blog (I’ll definitely check it out). I find it really helped me clear my head of all the things I wanted to say, but I couldn’t say it to the people I love. I’m also delighted that you might take part in The Positive Post It Project. If you ever need to talk please feel free to email me at ( Happy Blogging! xxx


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