Welcome back to A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me!

The other day at school I was sat in a lesson (as you do!) and the girl that sits opposite me said something and it got me thinking and today I want to share my thoughts with you.

She said, “When I go out into town or know I may bump into someone from school I always wear clothes similar to what I wear at school. However, if I’m going to a town that isn’t close to here or I know nobody from school is going to be there I’ll wear whatever I want because then I don’t care what people see me in because they don’t know me.”

This made me think about how society and the people around us impact our choices in life. I know what you wear isn’t a partially large choice, but we make a choice that represents us. So, by wearing clothes that are similar to her school uniform, which she doesn’t have any say in, she is following what society says she should wear.

Therefore, by following what society says we should do, we are not expressing ourselves and we are letting other people rule our life. When as Noah and the Whale so rightly said, “It’s your life, you’ve got to live life”. What is the point of living a life when other people are making the decisions for us?

Then I started thinking about what other decisions society makes for us. Society so often tells us to be ourselves, and then when society doesn’t like us being us it tells us to change. It is like there is a rule book written by society that is forced on people in a way that they often don’t even notice.

So next time you go to make a decision, just stop and think for a moment about whether you’re doing what you want to do or what others want you to do.

Until next time, goodbye


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