Blogmas Day 6 2015: Games to play at Christmas

Welcome Back to A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me!

I know for me at Christmas I love playing games with my family. At my Grandad’s house there is a huge cupboard full of games and it has never been neglected at Christmas. There are so many games in there. I have my favourites of course (which I will be sharing with you today) and there are lots of games which I haven’t played yet. I plan to discover some new games in there this Christmas. Playing games with my family puts a warm, happy feeling in my heart and makes me feel very content. As you may know, I value my family very much and for me, Christmas isn’t about the presents. It’s about spending time with my family.


Firstly, there is Rummikub. This is a game for 4 players. However, you can team up with another person and in this case, 8 people can play. I would recommend that if you are playing with small children then you team them up with an older player. Rummikub is a sequence game and it is so fun!

Then of course there are the classics. What would Christmas be without playing Boggle, Uno and Monopoly? We tend to not play Monopoly with the younger ones as they get upset when they lose or have to mortgage their properties.

Next is the List Game. For this you will need at leasts 7 players. One person makes a list of things to draw and the rest of you split into two teams. The two teams go in separate rooms and the person who made the list in another. You then send one person from your team to go and find out what the first thing to draw on the list is. You then go back and draw it for your team, but you cannot speak to them and they have to guess what it is. Once they have guessed correctly the next person goes to the person with the list and they draw for you to guess. You carry on until you or the other team completes the list.

Finally, my last suggestion is Mancala. This is a game four two players and consists of moving marbles around the board and trying to get them all in your ‘home’. It is really fun and I never grow bored of this game.

I would love to hear what games you play at Christmas in the comments.

Until next time, goodbye


5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6 2015: Games to play at Christmas

  1. I really want to try the list game, it sounds lots of fun. But when my family goes over to my aunts house for Christmas we always be play telestrations. It’s like the game telephone and pictonary combined. A lot of my cousins are very talented artists so their drawing put everyone else’s drawing to shame but that makes the game so much more fun. I think you would like to play it.


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    1. That sounds like fun. I love Monopoly, but it always causes arguments with the younger ones in my family. Happy Blogging! xx


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