Blogmas Day 14 2015: They Say Not To Make Friends Online

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,


How many time have you heard adults tell you, ‘Remember don’t make friends online’? I’m sat here with my laptop and fruit tea (which is delicious) thinking that hear it every school term.

However, not everyone online who we don’t know are horrible. I’ve started speaking to Sundays Are Sunny online and even though we live the other side of the ocean and we have a time difference of 5 hours, we are so similar.

It has been really fun sending emails back & forth and getting to know her. We both love blogging, writing and photography, so as you can probably guess we get on like a house on fire and speak daily.

This is one of the things that I love about the blogging community, there are so many lovely and genuine people. It is always nice to know that I have someone to talk to and someone who wants to listen to my words.

I’m not saying that everyone online is a nice and real person, but most people are. So it would mean a lot to me if you could head over to her blog by clicking here because as of yesterday she is blogging everyday up until Christmas. As there is a five hour time difference between our countries, she won’t see this post until, she gets home from school (in 4 hours), so please could we be the lovely blogging community that I know we are and show some support and put a smile on her face for when she gets home. Thank you.

I would love to hear who your blogging best friend is in the comments and why you love blogging friends so much. I hope you are enjoying Blogmas and that my posts are getting you in the mood for Christmas. As of now, it is 11 days ’til Christmas- that’s crazy! I am so excited and we are getting our tree on Wednesday. I think that it is time to get the Christmas emojis out – don’t you? Anyway I am rambling now and you are probably really bored of my endless talk, so…

Until next time, goodbye xx


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