Blogmas Day 17 2015: Sleek – The Silver Box

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

You may have seen a little earlier on in Blogmas that I did a post on The Pink Box by Sleek which you can find here. It was a really popular post and lots of you enjoyed reading it and I’m enjoying using the products, so a few days ago I went out and bought the Silver Box which was £25 and here are the products inside…


So as you can see from the picture above, it has a silver ribbon and would look lovely under the tree with a gift tag attached.


First we have this gorgeous blush which is called Flamingo and this would be perfect for in the summer months. It is super pigmented and is not chalky at all. This blush is not very shimmery, whereas some blushers from sleek contain lots of glitter, such as Antique.



Next we have a lipgloss in Fools Gold. This is a fairly sheer gloss because it is gold and if it were to be completely opaque, you would end up with gold lips – not the look any of us want to go for aha! This gloss is super creamy and I love it.


Then we have a the Lethal Length Mascara in Blackest Black. Although the packaging isn’t very interesting, I do believe that you should never judge a mascara by its tube aha! I love how the packaging squeeses the brush when you remove it, so you won’t have excess mascara on your lashes which will smudge.


Next there is a brow kit which comes with a brow powder and a brow wax. It also comes with a pair of tweezers and two brushes – yes I just said brushes. Finally a brand has realised that we don’t want sticks with flimsy sponges on the end to do our makeup. Hurrah!



The penultimate product is a Sleek iDivine pallete called Original. It has 12 shades inside it which are really pigmented and have super cute names such as Penny Farthing and Cream Tea. I feel like this pallete is really versatile because it contains such a variety of shades.



And last, but definitely not least we have the Eye and Cheek Pallete in Dancing ‘Til Dusk. It contains 2 blushes called Mirrored Pink and Sahara. It also contains four shades from the iDivine Au Naturel Pallete. It has a magnetic shut which makes it feel very ‘sleek’ aha! It is also perfect for travel or work as it contains two diffrent type of products in one compact pallete.

So there you have it, these are all the products in The Silver Box by Sleek. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know in the coments what your favourite product is and whether you will be purchasing the box.

Until next time, goodbye




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