Blogmas Day 22 2015: Warm Me Up For Winter Tag

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me!

Today I am doing my second tag in Blogmas and it is the Warm Me Up For Winter Tag. I thought that the questions in this tag would help you learn a little more about me, so I copied and pasted the questions into a word document and started typing the answers. Here they are…

What is Your Favourite Hot Chocolate?
My favourite hot chocolate is one from a local cafe who do the best hot drinks. It really does warm you up for winter aha! Unfortunately, for privacy reasons I can’t tell you the name of the cafe, so instead I suggest getting one of Costa’s hot chocolates. Let me know in the comments if you have seen Costa’s takeaway cups for winter – they are so adorable!
What Are Your Favourite PJ’s, Fluffy Socks and Slippers?
My favourite pjs are classic winter pyjamas in my opinion. They are white brushed cotton with pink and blue checks and pink piping round the edge. They are extremely soft. I don’t own any fluffy socks, so I can’t answer that part of the question, but I do have some super soft grey fluffy slippers from Sainsburys which I adore.
My Favourite Thing About Winter?
Personally, my favourite thing about winter is the lead up to Christmas. Everyday I get more excited and there are more Christmas related things to do everyday as well. For instance: Christmas shopping, opening advent calendars, seeing family, winter baking etc.

Favourite Winter Lip Product?

Blistex! Blistex! Blistex! It is the only thing that saves my lips from going dry and flaky and cracked in winter. It is my lip saviour and I couldn’t live aday without it in winter.
Favourite Winter Candle?
I don’t have a  favourite winter candle as I love all winter candles, but Most of the candles I burn are from M&S. They are such good quality and smell heavenly.
Favourite Cosy Jumpers?
I love my dark greeny blue jumper from New Look which I got a few years ago in the Boxing Day sales. It is so cosy.
Favourite Scarf?
Without a doubt it has got to be my deep blue scarf which has red, yellow and green checks which is from Accessorise.

Favourite Bath Bomb?

From lush I love the Magic Wand, but I have a shop near where I live that make homemade ones that are such good quality and they smell so lovely!
Favourite Winter Smell?
My favourite winter smell is Christmas baking. It wafts through the whole house and makes it all smell gorgeous.

So there you have it. These are my answers to the tag. Please leave a link to your blog in the comments if you do this tag.

Until next time, goodbye


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