Blogmas Day 23 2015: French Connection Christmas Gifting

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

I can’t believe it is two sleeps ’til Christmas! I am literally so excited because I can’t wait to spend it with my family and see them open their presents. Also, this year I have no clue about I am receiving, so it’s going to be a suprise. Leave a comment if like me you prefer suprise presents to asking for specific presents. Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling about Christmas Day because this post isn’t about how much I love Christmas (unfortunately), it is about two of the items in the French Connection Christmas Gifting range. Here they are…


So as you can see I bought the Gleaming To Go Makeup Bag which includes some French Connection brushes and makeup items & I also purchased the Runaway Colour Collective palette. As you can see, parts of the packaging are hollagraphic, so they were a little difficult to photograph aha! Here they are in more depth…




As you have seen from the pictures above, the makeup bag includes: two brushes, a lipgloss, a cream eyeshadow and a bronzer. The brushes are very good quality and the eye brush is the SOFTEST brush I have ever used and this is not an exaggeration! The lipgloss is a light shimmery nude colour perfect for everyday makeup. It is a little sticky when first applied, but after a few minutes it will be dry. The cream eyeshadow is a gorgeous pomegranate colour. It works best if you apply it with your fingers as it requires some heat to make it a cream. And last but not least in the bag your recieve the prettiest bronzer ever! It is described as a bronzer, but personally I would use it as a blush, bronzer and hilighter in one as it so shimmery.


The second item I bought was their Runaway Colour Collective palette which is perfect for travel because it includes ten eyeshadows, two blushers and four lip colours. The eyeshadows offer you a natural look or you can use the shades on the right hand side of the palette to create a smokey nightime look. The blushers come in two very different colours – a peachy shade and a deep mauvey shade with lots of shimmer. The four lip choices offer you very different looks from a bright cherry red lip, to your classic nude lip.

So there you have it, these are the two products which stuck out for me in the French Connection Christmas Gifting range this year. Both items where £14 and both are totally worth the money.

Until next time, goodbye


P.S. I have an extremely EXCITING post for you tomorrow and I can’t wait for you all to see it! xx



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