Blogmas Day 24 2015: A Different Point Of View

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me!

Today to end Blogmas (sad face) I have a very special post for you. I thought that it would only be right to end Blogmas by doing a collab with Sundays Are Sunny as I started this years Blogmas by doing a collab with her. We also want to make this collab a yearly tradition on Christmas Eve. Anyway enough of me rambling, I better tell you what the collab is all about! As I have done Blogmas and she has blogged for the twelve days leading up to Christmas, we thought it would be fun to select our favourite pictures that the other one has taken throughout December and share them on our blogs. So in no particular order, here are my favourite pictures that Maddie has published on her blog this December…


First up I chose this picture of her dog from when she gave him his very own Christmas photoshoot – how cute is this idea?!? He is so adorable and must be extremely obidient if she could make him sit still for so long. You can find the post with all the pictures of her dog here.


Next up we have the photo which wins the prize for the cosiest composition of the month! This photo is the perfect sum up of how a winter day should be spent. You can find her post with this picture in here.


I also love this picture of the British flag which is a Christmas tree decoration. I chose this one because I am a little bit biased and patrotic as I am British, but I also love how magical this picture looks. It really captures the spirit of Christmas. You can find her post on her Christmas tree here.


Then I chose the picture she took of this vintage Father Christmas. Let me know if you call him Father Christmas or Santa in the comments. I chose this picture as I adore anything vintage and I like the composition – the way the focus (Father Christmas) of the picture is not central. You can find her post which includes this picture here.


And last but definitely not least I chose the picture of the gingerbread house that she made. I love the composition of this picture and the angle it was taken from. The sweets spreaded around on the table adds a homely touch and I could eat this picture! You can find Maddie’s post on her gingerbread house here.

So these are my personal top 5 pictures that Maddie has taken in December, but I would love to know in the comments what your favourite picture of hers is – I am sure she would love to know too. Don’t forget to head over to her blog to see which photos of mine she chose and please do read some of her other posts because they are all amazing. I wish you a very Happy Christmas and thank you all so much for reading my Blogmases everyday. I feel like I should say ‘and goodnight’ to end this post like a TV presenter would end a show because lets admit that last sentence of mine was so TV presentery!

Until next time, goodbye

P.S. There will be a quick Christmas message to you all on here tomorrow and as Maddie and I live different sides of the ocean, there is a time difference, so she will be posting her part of the collab at 5pm tomorrow her time.


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