No7 Ultimate Eye Palette 2015

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

Today I am sharing with you some pictures that I took of the No7 Ultimate Eye Palette and what my opinions are about it. The palette was originally £20 from Boots, but now in the sales it is £10 – a complete and utter bargain!


As you can see the packaging is to die for! It is a matte gold colour and looks very smart and professional. It is also plastic, so perfect for wiping clean if it gets dirty.


The palette contains twenty shades and they are fairly neutral, but I do like that it includes some deeper and darker shades which are perfect for nightime/party looks. The wide range of shades makes this palette really versatile and if you were to go on holiday, you would have every eyeshadow you would need. The palette also comes with a full sized mirror which is really good quality and perfect for on the go – this is one of the main things I love about this palette.

As well as the big mirror, I also really like the pigmentation and texture of the eyeshadows. They apply really well; are not chalky; and are very buttery. The palette also offers some very unusual shades that I have never seen anywhere before, such as the light olive green in the bottom righthand side of the palette. Also above the olive green there is a light shimmery sky blue which I really want to use as I think if I could pull it off, it would look amazing.

None of the shades are exclusive to palette as they are taken from No7’s most popular eyeshadows. I can totally see why they are so popular as they are BEAUTIFUL! I think this is a great idea as you can try twenty of their eyeshadows in one go and if you use one up, you can use the information on the back to find out which one it was and you can repurchase the single eyeshadow.

So that concludes this post. I would totally recommend purchasing this palette and I would love to hear in the comments your views on this palette.

Until next time, goodbye



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