Blogs I Have Loved In 2015

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

This morning I was writing in my blog book – where I write blog ideas and blogs that I like – and I thought that it would be really fun idea to share my favourite blogs of 2015 with you as I think that you will really like them. I have included some well known blogs, but I have mostly included smaller blogs that I think deserve to be more well known and more widely read. So here you go…

The first four blogs I am going to recommend to you all have, like me, re-designed their blogs this year and they all look amazing. There content is excellent and their personalities are great.

  • Meg Says – I love Meg’s blog (and her Youtube Channel), her voice is so calming and she uses her audience to create a change in this world. This was seen when she posted a video about a train journey that she had been on, but also on her blog when she blogs about her chronic illness and other important topics such as a recent one on suicide. If you want to find out more about her check out her blog or see my blogpost on her here which she was kind enough to read.
  • Tanya Burr – I think we all know her for many reasons, but what stands out on her blog to me is her bubbly personality. She always puts a smile on my face and her photography skills are on point.
  • Sundays Are Sunny – also known as my best blogging buddy! Her blog is really creative and welcoming; she has a really cute dog; she takes great photos; and much more. If you want to know more about her, head over to blog or read my post on her here. We have also done two collaborations which you can find here and here.
  • Zoella – Another name that we all know aha! Her blog offers a wide range of individual, well written blog posts with interesting pictures that have great composition and they capture the spirit of her blog perfectly.

So those were four of my favourites that have redesigned their blogs this year, but there are many more  that I have loved this year which are…

  •  Missamrunaway – Whenever I think of her blog I think of pastel colours and fantastic picture composition. She always speaks the truth; is real with her readers; and you can always trust her opinion. Her blog is such a friendly and welcoming place.
  • The Average Gurl– Her blog has such a cute header and it is such a friendly and welcoming place to be. I always have a smile on my face when I see that she has posted a new post.
  • Life Of Edie – This is one one the first blogs that I discovered and her blog really inspired me. Her eye for a good photograph is perfect and she has a lovely range of posts on her blog.
  • Lipsticks And Louboutins – This is more of a beauty orientated blog and when I discovered it I fell in LOVE with everything about it.
  • The Beauty Residence – This is your classic beauty blog, but it has it’s own uniqueness and it is very quirky. I always head over to her blog if I need beauty inspiration and her photos are top notch.
  • Welcome To Birdree – She is French and is studying English at university, but she also has time to write a fantastic blog which has the PERFECT colour scheme. She post lots of life related posts with pictures of concerts, places she has been, beauty products and so much more.
  • Katiphotography – this is a wonderful photography blog to check out if you like taking photos. Her photos are unlike anything I have ever seen. Lots of her photos have also been matched up with a quote or saying which I really enjoy.

That brings us to the end of this post. I hope you have enjoyed discovering my favourite bloggers of 2015. Please also leave links below to other blogs that you think that I would enjoy – it would be very much appreciated.

Until next time, goodbye



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