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Today cancer took another life. Sadly, we lost Alan Rickman today who was a phenomenal actor and was well known in the film industry. He was in so many spectacular films from Harry Potter to Die Hard. There are also many other great films that he was in such as Robin Hood and Love Actually.

I have seen many edits that people have made and shared on social media today to celebrate his life and to show their support to his family. Many of them quoted things that he had said over the years and I wanted to share these with you.


His acting certainly touched me. He made me feel so many different things and that is what an actor should be able to do. They should convince you that it is an actual story. The word ‘convince’ links so well to his acting as he ‘convinced’ all of us that Snape hated Harry Potter when in actual fact he ‘always’ cared about him. He also ‘convinced’ us that Snape was helping Voldemort. He touched us all.


Alan Rickman will always be there in those hearts that loved his acting. However, it does feel like part of the Harry Potter world died today with him. He played the charector that was in the end the centre of the book. Without Snape there would of been no Harry Potter. Without Alan Rickman the films would not be the same.


This is such a beautiful quote and any Harry Potter lovers will understand it. The horrible thing though is that this moment will never happen. Alan Rickman will always live on whether it be on screen or in our hearts, but cancer took a part of his life that he never got to experience. Cancer took away the possibility of him making any more films. Cancer took someone who had so much more life left to live.

If you have never watched an Alan Rickman film I urge you to. He was such a great actor and no matter how I phrase it I will never be able to sum up the amazing skill that he had – his ability to play evil roles so greatly; his sense of humour; his amazing personality; and most important of all being him.

Rest In Peace Alan Rickman. We will remember you and hold you dearly in our hearts. Always.

Until next time, goodbye


3 thoughts on “Always

  1. So sad. Having grown up with Harry Potter it is devastating to be losing people who we see as beloved characters. He was wonderful not only in HP but in everything, however as a HP lover I will always see him for that role.

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    1. I agree. He was the perfect Snape, but he also played the main bad guy in Die Hard perfectly. Happy Blogging! xx


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