My Blogging Advice: Setting Up & Equipment

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

Today I am sharing with you my first post in the My Blogging Advice series. I decided to create a series of blog posts containing advice last year as a result of receiving several comments on my blog and some direct messages from readers asking for advice or my opinion on how they could improve their blog. So here is the first post of many in which I will be sharing with you my advice on blogging platforms and the equipment you will need to start blogging. Enjoy!

Blogging Platforms

To write a blog online you need a platform to share it on. There are lots of different blogging platforms including: Blogger, Weebly, WordPress and Squarespace. The two most popular and commonly used platforms are WordPress and Blogger. I use WordPress and I would really recommend it. I would really advise to do your research, so you have the best blogging platform for you.

Fact: WordPress powers 25% of the internet.

Now I can’t give you any information on Blogger as I haven’t used it, but I can tell you all I know about WordPress. First of all it is very simple to use and even the absolute beginner can use it. It comes with hundreds of templates for your blog that are completely FREE. However, it also comes with lots of templates that you can pay for, but to be perfectly honest if blogging is your hobby then you really don’t need to pay for a template as the free ones are extremely good.

WordPress also gives you the option of using HTML on your blog and in your blog posts. For those of you who don’t know what HTML is, it is the inner workings of your blog. HTML can be difficult sometimes, but WordPress makes it so easy. When you write your posts it is like using a Word document. If you want to view your HTML when writing a post you can select the HTML tab at the top of the page instead of the visual tab. Don’t worry if this is confusing, I will explain more in a post entirely dedicated to HTML.

It always interests me when I have published a post who is seeing it around the World – I find it very intriguing who reads my blog posts. WordPress makes this very easy as on your homepage it tels you your site stats; which countries the people who are reading your posts are in; how people have found your blog; how many followers you have and who they are; if you have links in your blog posts, it tells you how may people have clicked on them and  much more.

I think that is enough information on blogging platforms and WordPress, so lets move onto blogging equipment.

Blogging Equipment

When it comes to blogging equipment you don’t need much, but here are a few of the essentials.

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or phone as you need something to be able to post online aha! If you don’t have access to any of these at home, which I presume you do as you are reading this, local libraries and schools have computers which you can use.
  • A camera. I always find a blog without pictures dull and depressing and most likely I won’t follow it. You don’t need to go out any buy the most expensive camera you can find, there are plenty of great ones out there for under £100. Nowadays the quality of cameras in phones and tablets is very good, so as long as the pictures you take on your phome/tablet aren’t too blurry, you could use that as your camera. Along with a camera a tripod would be useful, but it is not totally necessary.
  • A notebook and diary. I have a blogging notebook in which I put all of my blog ideas in. Then when I need a new post idea I can look through and find an idea that I would like to develop. A diary is also really handy as you can plan when you are going to put your posts up; when you are going to take your pictures; and when you are going to write your posts.
  • Finally, you will need somewhere you can work. I usually sit down to write a blog post on my bed or on my sofa. When it comes to writing my blog, I can’t sit at my desk – I find it too formal. I need to be sat somewhere comfy to let my creativity flow.

I hope this post helped you if you are interested in starting blogging and keep your eyes on this space if you want more blogging advice as another post will be coming soon. Also, I would love it in the comments if you are a blogger if you could give your opinions on blogging platforms and equipment as I think people who want to start out blogging would find it useful.

Until next time, goodbye



23 thoughts on “My Blogging Advice: Setting Up & Equipment

  1. I started out with WordPress and although it was really simple to use, I made the switch to Blogger (which is also quite easy!) and I’m happy with it! To each their own, researching beforehand is a great idea. I also love the notebook idea, I always think of blog posts at random times and it would be helpful to write them down 🙂

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  2. Hi! I read this post and found it really useful. Personally, I have been using Blogger and I don’t like the design or the way it works. The other day, a friend told me about weebly and I have been using it ever since. It would be great if you could leave feadback on my blog and what you think of it! Here is the link ;
    Here is my old blog link:

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      1. Thanks! By the way, you inspired me to check out wordpress! I’ve just started using it and I think it is going to be my permanent blogging platform. I would love it if we could be internet / blogging friends! It would be great if we could email! Here is my email:
        Can’t wait to hear from you and happy blogging! xx

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  3. Hi! I might have already written a comment but it doesn’t show up… Anyway, I’ve been blogging for about 6 months now and I would really like it if you could give me some feedback on my blog. My favourite place to be creative is in the evening, when I’m writing my diary and before I go to sleep!!! I used to use blogger as a platform but I decided to make the switch to weebly because it is easier to use and it looks much better. Here are mt 2 blog links:

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