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Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,


As some of you may have noticed, for around fortnight now I haven’t been posting on here. I’ve been having a blogging break and in this post I want to go into some of the the reasons why. I also wanted to say thank you for 40 followers. I am entirely grateful and I am so pleased our family keeps growing.

I started blogging as a way to express my thoughts and emotions that I had been hiding from everyone around me, and I discovered that people on here were going through similar things or had experienced what I was. I felt part of a family, where everyone cared about each other and enjoyed each others posts.

However, although I still received lovely comments, some people started to copy my blog. Whether it be the name of my blog, my blog post ideas and my style of photography and writing. Sometimes I even said I was going to post something in the future and, that’s right, you guessed it. They posted their version of it as soon as I mentioned it. I didn’t want to post anymore, because I didn’t want people to take my ideas. If they had given credit or asked permission I would be fine with it, but they didn’t. That is what annoys me.

Writing a blog takes up a large amount of your free time and if you blog you’ll understand this. Although, blogging didn’t stop me going out to places with my friends and socialising, I needed a rest. I needed time to breathe again and take in everything that had passed me by when I was caught up in blogging – especially Blogmas.

Taking a break has been really refreshing and has given me a new perspective on blogging. Blogging sometimes puts a lot of pressure on bloggers, whether it to have a regular upload schedule or to come up with new and exciting ideas 24/7. However, I can thankfully say I am fully refreshed and ready to write again with loads *literally over 20* new blog ideas to develop and share with you guys. I have never been more eager to get back and my keyboard and let my fingers tap out the rhythm of creativity.

I hope you are all as excited as I am to see me back on my blog and be warned, the next few days might be a bit blog post overload aha!

Until next time, goodbye


6 thoughts on “Back To Blogging

    1. Hello Nicky! Thank you for such a lovely comment and I can’t wait for you to see my new content. Happy Blogging! xx


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