My Blogging Advice: Your First Post & About Me Page

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

I still can’t quite believe how much you all liked my post called My Blogging Advice: Setting Up and Equipment. So many of you left me lovely comments saying how useful it was or giving your advice to newer bloggers. So today, I am sharing with you the second part of My Blogging Advice series in which I will be talking about your first post and your About Me page.

Your First Post

Even after blogging for over six months, people still visit my very first post which is called Hello World. That’s why it is so important to get it right. People go to find your first post to find out a bit about you and why you blog. Therefore, it is really important you include everything that they might want to know. Here are some suggestions…

(1) Your name – if you are an anonymous blogger or don’t want to share your name thats fine, but one of the first things I always like to do is find out the blog creators name.
(2) Your age
(3) Where you live – for this you could say either the town, county/state or country that you live in.
(4) Why you started blogging
(5) What your blogging goals are – it’s okay if you don’t have many at this point, but maybe mention one or two things you would like to achieve through blogging. Maybe it could be that you want to make a blogging friend or perhaps you want to inspire people.
(6) What you do in your spare time – whether this be a hobby or interest, people want to know, so they can have a closer connection with you and your blogs. By mentioning what I do in my spare time on my blog, I have found lots of people with common interests and we are now really great friends.
(7) A picture – this could be of you or a picture that you have taken. I think it is really important to have a picture in every blog post as it adds another dimension to your post and makes it more interesting.

Personally, I think those are the essentials for your first post, but don’t worry it’s not set in stone – you can take your pick and maybe add some more information about you. If you have any other ideas about what to include in your first post, please leave it in the comments as I am sure other people would love to know.

Your About Me Page

After finding a blog that I love and reading a few posts, the next page I go to is their About Me page. They are usually located either at a menu at the top or a side bar. My side bar can be located by clicking on the three lines in the top right hand side of the screen. Unlike with your first post, I recommend that every few months you change your About Me page a bit as you and your interests will change every now and then. You may also discover new passions, interests and fascinating things about yourself which you want to share with your readers. Here are my suggestions of what to include on your about me page…

(1) Some of the information you included in your first post. I recommend your name, age and what country you live in.
(2) The reason why I suggest update your About Me page every so often is because we all change and therefore, the information you wrote about yourself might not be correct.
(3) Talk about your life goals – What you want to be when your older; where you’d like to live ect.
(4) Your interests, hobbies, favourite food ect.

These are just some suggestions if what you could include in your About Me page, but at the end of the day it is your blog. Write and do what you want on it.

I hope this post helped you out and I’d love to hear in the comments what you have written about on your About Me page.

Until next time, goodbye


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