My Current Favourites

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

Today I have a very exciting post for you as it is a collab with Millie from My Pastel Blog. We decided to share with you our current favourites. These are mine and make sure you go and check out hers over on her blog too. Enjoy!



So my first two favourites are from The Body Shop, which is one of my favourite shops OF ALL TIME!

The first product from there that I am loving is their Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion. I like it so much that I have just started my second bottle. When I use it, it keaves my skin really soft and my skin feels nourished.

Also, I am really enjoying using their Aloe Gentle Facial Wash which I have been using since I was in Year 7 (I’m now in Year 10). I use it day and night and it really cleans my face without putting any harsh chemicals on it. It helps clear up spots and redness quicker and it is suitible for all skin types. I would recommend this facial wash to anyone.


My next favourite is from St Ives and it is their Apricot Scrub which helps fight blemishes and black heads. It is oil free and made from 100% natural exfoliants. I can definitely see why St Ives is the UK’s No.1 face scrub brand as it is really effective and I have noticed such a difference with my skin. It also comes in a 150ml bottle which lasts for ages as you should only use it two to three times a week.

I have been getting the Spring nail polishes out and my favourite so far has got be this one. It is from Barry M and is part of their Daylight Curing range. This one is called Make Me Teal. Don’t you just love the pun?!? It is perfect as it goes with the majority of my clothes.

I also am loving my E45 cream to moisturise my skin which I mentioned about in my Moisturising Miracles post. It leaves my skin without dry patches and feeling hydrated.

As I haven’t had much homework this week I have been watching a bit more TV than usual and I have discovered two new AMAZING series. They are both on BBC iPlayer.

The first one is called Thirteen and is about a girl who was kidnapped thirteen years ago. Now, she is 26 and has just escaped and they are trying to find her kidnapper. It is so gripping and I can’t wait until next Monday as that ‘next time’ bit at the end of the episode creates loads of suspense.

The other one is caled The Night Manager and is a TV adaptation of the book by John LeĀ Carre, who is one of my favourite authors. It is about a hotel night manager who worked in Cairo. However, as a result of a man called Roper he has to move. He is hired by MI6 privately – the Water House must never know – and he is now working on the inside trying to bring down Roper.

Those are all my current favourites. I would love to hear what you are loving in the comments at the moment and make sure you go and check out Millie’s blog.

Until next time, goodbye




9 thoughts on “My Current Favourites

  1. Currently I have been watching The Voice because the new season just started! (It’s a singing show in the US if you weren’t sure.)
    P.S I love pictures at a view like that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have The Voice over here too, but it’s gone downhill a bit now. Thank you about the photos – I’m glad you like them. Happy Blogging! xx


  2. I used to have the Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion, and loved it! I recently got the Atlas Mountain Rose one as a present, and I love it too. That nail polish looks so stunning!! Loved this post so much xxx

    Phoebe & Abida |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I love the Atlas Mountain Rose perfume so much. You should definitely look into buying the nail polish – it is so cheap, but so good. Happy Blogging! xx


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