Sunday Thoughts: Blog Changes And A Busy Week

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

Today I am sharing with you my second instalment of my Sunday Thoughts posts where I share my week with you, and oh boy this week has been busy!

The start of the week was quite quiet and nothing much really happened. I took lots of pictures for my collaboration with Millie, which you can see here. I am so pleased spring is here now as it means that we can say au revoir to winter lighting for another year!

It was on Thursday that things started to get really busy. Firstly, Millie and I put up our collaboration which you all really enjoyed. A lot also happened at school on Thursday. I am not going to go into lots of detail, but there was a fight which resulted in a suspension.  I also had a realisation on Thursday – if that’s what you call it. I realised that people try to take advantage of you sometimes and that it hard to back away. Most people in the blogging world are lovely, but sometimes people are just in it for themselves. The lyrics from the U2 song Stuck In A Moment really helped me realise this and I have now ended the negativity. Don’t worry it wasn’t anything really serious, but more people being cheeky. I thought I would share with you some of the lyrics with you from the song…

You’ve got to get yourself together,

You’ve got stuck in a moment,

And now you can’t get out of it.

On Friday I went swimming, which was really fun and I also had lots of thoughts about changing my blog a bit. I really want to change the name and layout. I would still post the same things as I do now, but I am starting to grow bored with my layout and I think the new blog name I have in mind suits my blog better than the one I have at the moment. I will let you all know before I make any changes, so don’t worry!

On Saturday I went on a lovely beach walk with my family, which you can see the pictures of here. I love the sea and find is so calming and refreshing. I am so lucky that it is so near to me and that I have the option of pebbly beaches or sandy beaches. I really enjoyed creating the post I uploaded yesterday, so I would love to know your opinions of it and whether you would like to see more posts in that style.

As for today, it is Mother’s Day, so I am going to spend some time with my Mum and have a good relax. I am currently sat on my bed with one of my cats, writing this post and enjoying my breakfast in bed. So…

…until next time, goodbye


6 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts: Blog Changes And A Busy Week

    1. I know – I am so lucky. It provides me with so many things and I know that it is one of the permanent things in my life which I can always go back to. Happy Blogging! xx


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