Maddie’s Blog Birthday

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

Today I have a really exciting post for you. As well as being Friday 13th May, it is also my friend Maddie’s Blog Birthday. She has been blogging for a year and her blog deserves all the recognition it gets. Thus, today I thought I would do a little post to celebrate and show you my cake I made all the way in England.

First of all, Maddie’s blog is colourful, interesting and unique. It is a perfect extension of her and you can really see the care and detail put into every blog post. She posts about a variety of things from food to fashion to music and so much more!

We have been friends for nearly three-quarters of a year and I value our friendship so much. We both have so many common interests and I always love talking to her, whether it be instant message or email. I love the fact that there is someone across the ocean who is so similar to me.

As we live on opposite sides of an ocean, I can’t be there today to celebrate with her, so I made a cake here in the UK. It is an Apple Cake and it is delicious! I found these great cake cases in a local baking shop, which are like cupcake cases, but for baking tins, so I used them and it is so much easier to get the cake out of the tin!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will be back with another post soon – I’m really sorry I’ve not been posting, but all will be explained soon.

Happy Blogging! xx



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