Dear My Best Blogging Buddy

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

To celebrate Sundays Are Sunny and I being friends for a year today, we have each written a letter to each other about our friendship and posted them on our blogs. This post is my letter to her. You can find her letter to me on her amazing blog here.

Happy Blogging! xx



Dear My Best Blogging Buddy,

I have drafted this letter to you several times, but I always become stuck because I have no clue where to start. There is so much I want to say.

So I guess I’ll start by, a year; that’s crazy! I feel like I’ve known you for so much longer than that. I think it’s because we have told each other so much about each other that I feel like you are part of those moments in my life now. When you first commented on my blog I hadn’t been blogging for very long and I didn’t get many comments, so straight away you put a smile on my face. I have loved every moment of our friendship and you/it continues to put a smile on my face, so I thought I’d make a list of all the things that I love.

(1) I feel like I can tell you anything. We are so similar in terms of interests etc. that we understand each other and it’s really nice to have a person in my life like that.

(2) I love learning about a different country and explaining parts of my country to you. I really enjoy hearing about the places you have been and the food that you have eaten because lots of it we don’t have over here and vice versa. For example, we don’t have ice cream sandwiches over here and I had never heard of them before. It is also really interesting to learn about your schooling system as it is completely different to ours. I loved it when I taught you how to be a ‘proper Englishman’ aha!

(3) Making videos for you is another one of my favourite parts of our friendship along with watching your videos too. It feels so personal and like we are actually talking which is amazing because skyping is so hard with the time distance. Also, a video update: there will be a new one coming to you very soon and I have also come up with a name for my videos to you which I’ll announce in my next video.

(4) I thoroughly enjoy doing collaborations with you. My favourite has got to be our A Different Point Of View collab. It was so fun to go through all your pictures and pick my favourite five, which was really hard – there were so many amazing ones! I also loved seeing your top 5 photos of mine and to hear why you liked them. We must do something like that again in the future *winks*.

(5) Our emails. Our emails. Our emails. Oh my, I love our emails. They’re so personal and I always get really excited to come home from school to find an email from you waiting for me. It’s one of the best things to come home to after a long and stressful day.

(6) I have used all the synonyms for love that I can think of, so we’re switching languages. J’adore nos playlists. It’s always so fun to pick out the songs for you and to listen to the songs that you have picked out for me.

(7) …And most of all the thing I love most about our friendship is our friendship. It is such a great thing in my life and I never want to lose it or you.

Quite often I think about what you’re up to at a certain moment in time. I wonder what you’re doing right now as I’m writing this? With you being 5 hours behind you’ll always be doing something completely different to me. I’ll be sat in an Art class and you could be on your way to school because school still hasn’t started for you.

You’re a key part of my life now and I think about you every day. I don’t just consider you as my best blogging buddy, but also as one of my best friends. There is no way that someone like you could come into my life and have such a positive impact and not be one of my best friends. You’re the perfect friend for me.

I also consider you as a real friend. During our time at school we call a lot of people friends. We call people friends because we get on with them and have something in common. At school the thing we have in common with our friends is school and we have no choice but to try and get on with people otherwise school would be pretty dull and lonely. So you take school out of the equation and you have nothing in common with these people you called friends, although there are a few exceptions of course. Yet, we are friends because we didn’t become friends through school. The things we have in common are our hobbies and interests, which is why our friendship is so strong and real.

It’s weird to think what my virtual and real life would be like without you now. You are such a key part of my life.

Now the next thing isn’t about our friendship, but I want to say it. If you are ever doubting yourself or not loving the content that you create, just know that you are seriously talented. Your photography is stunning. Your blog post ideas and the thoughts you express in them are superb. Your posts are a joy to read. They are original, creative and full of you. Hands down, your blog is one of my favourites and I make it my mission to read every single one of your posts as soon as I can.

It’s crazy that if either of us were born in a different moment in time or lived our life slightly differently then we’d never have met. I’m so glad that I lived my life this way, so I could meet you. You’ve had such a positive impact on my life and words cannot express how much you mean to me. You have been there for me through the good and bad, just like I’ll always be there for you no matter what. Feel free to email me  if you ever need advice or second opinion on something. Feel free to DM in the middle of the night if there’s something burning on your mind. Feel free to write as much as you want about something you are really proud of and want to share with me. Feel free to talk about whatever you want in your videos. Feel free to share with me everything that you are excited about. Whatever you say I will listen because I’m your friend and I want you to have the best life ever. I want to share the amazing moments with you and I want to help you through the not so great ones. Although hopefully there won’t be too many of those. I want you to be happy.

That first email you wrote to me on your school bus has developed into one of the most amazing things. I’ve loved every moment of our friendship, thus I couldn’t talk about everything in this email, but I hope from what I have written that you know how special you are to me. I don’t much about where our friendship will be in a year, or two years time, but if I know one thing, it’s that it will be ever stronger than it is now.

Love From Your Best Blogging Buddy

P.S. I am really looking forward to reading your letter. I’ve no idea what you’ve written and that really excites me!


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    1. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you liked it. There should be an email in your inbox from me about Collabmas. It be great if you could reply soon as December is nearly here…whoop! Let me know if it hasn’t arrived and I’ll resend it. Happy Blogging! xx

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