Monday Thoughts: Collabmas, November & Thank You

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

We’re disobeying the rules and doing a Sunday Thoughts post on a Monday, but hey ho. I wanted to address a few things today so here we go…


Thank you all so much who signed up to Collabmas. There is still one day available, which is Day 16: Book Rainbows. I did a similar post to this last year, which you can find here. I have emailed /insta messaged you all and there are just a few of you that I am waiting to hear back from. It would be great if you could reply as soon as possible as December is 2 days away! If for some reason an email/insta message hasn’t arrived, please comment down below and I will resend.


November has been a pretty cool and crazy month. I turned 16 last week, I went to a phenomenal concert and I saw loads of fireworks on Bonfire Night. I saw Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls in concert and it has to be up there with one of THE BEST concerts I have ever been to. Maybe even the best. I had an excellent time and it was the perfect birthday present.  Here are some of the pictures I took in November.


Thank You

The last thing I wanted to say was THANK YOU to each and every one of you. You are all so kind and lovely. Our online family is growing rapidly at the moment and your support means the world to me. I love reading and replying to every one of your comments. They put a huge smile on my face. I’m smiling now just thinking about it 🙂 .


Happy Blogging! xx


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