Collabmas Day 1 2016 : What I’d Ask Father Christmas For At 16

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

Today is the first day of Collabmas (whoop!) and today I am collaborating with my best blogging buddy Maddie, who has the amazing blog called Sundays Are Sunny. Make sure go and check out her post after reading this one. Or, if you’ve come over from her lovely corner of the internet, ‘Hello! Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog’. For our collab we decided to write a letter to Father Christmas with the things we would ask him for now. When I was younger I asked for materialistic things, but as you’ll see from my list, things have changed a bit now. I hope you enjoy!


Dear Father Christmas,

I’m going to be honest with you. 2016 hasn’t been my greatest year. I haven’t always done what my parents have told me to do and I haven’t always been good at uploading on my blog. Yet, I’ve tried my best and done everything I can to the best of my ability. That’s what matters. So, this Christmas I have a few things that I hope you’ll be kind enough to leave me on Christmas Eve in return for a beer and carrot as always.

(1) A’s/A*’s In My GCSE’s

It’s a lot harder achieve than people say it is and I was hoping for a little help along the way. I’d love to do 4 A-Levels instead of 3 next year and I need seven A’s or A*’s to do that. All I ask is for your guidance. To give a nudge when I am procrastinating and instead I should be revising.

(2) World Peace

These past few years have been testing and turbulent times, 2016 especially. Nobody deserves to be the victim of terrorism or to be abused or to deal with haters online. So I ask you, please can there be world peace in 2017?


(3) To Be Published

I have always loved writing and from young age it has been my dream to be an author. If you could just nudge a publishing company and inform them that there is a passionate writer with several books to publish that would be great thanks.

(4) My Grandparents

For Father Christmas anything is possible right? December 1st is my Granny’s birthday and I cannot put into words how much I miss her. I just want to hear their voices again. I want to sit with the two people I love the most and the two people I called home and talk to them about everything and anything. I want to give them a present this Christmas rather than flowers on their grave.


(5) Jeremy Corbyn As Prime Minister

Now I know legally you’re probably not allowed to be involved in politics, but this is for the best. You’d be helping every single person in the UK. For the past 6 years the Conservatives have been helping the rich and ignoring the poor. They’ve betrayed the NHS. Labour are the people’s party. They support everybody. They’re fair. They created the NHS in 1948. They care about the NHS more than all the other parties combined.


(6) Him 

People can be frustrating sometimes and he’s one of them. We’re friends and we get on really well. We are so similar, it’s uncanny. We get on really well, but he doesn’t realise we have so much in common. We have the exact same taste in music and films. You can’t just say to someone, ‘Oh by the way, we’re so similar. We have the same taste in many things. We’ve been to the same concert.’ If you could give him a nudge that would be great.


Love From

A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me


I hope you enjoyed reading my letter and the photos. I had such fun taking them and making all the props for them in this post. I spent the majority of Saturday making them aha!  Look out for them in future posts! Now you’ve read mine go check out Maddie’s part of the collab. It’s amazing. You can find Maddie’s blog here.

Happy Blogging! xx

P.S. Who’s noticed the snow on my blog?! (It will only show up on laptops/PC’s)


19 thoughts on “Collabmas Day 1 2016 : What I’d Ask Father Christmas For At 16

          1. yeah I saw your post and I was like idek this blogger so would it be weird to sign up for half of them and then I thought whateva and did it.. I love the ideas!!1 yaaas girl we’re partners in awesomeness 🙂 btw I checked ur blog out.. why was it you had to make a policy I rate you for that cuz its not nice people stealing content.. you go girl!!! xx

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yes, we are definitely partners of awesomeness! There was this one person who copied a lot of my blog ideas and didn’t credit any of them and it was clearly copied. There were several other instances as well. If someone is copying your blog I would totally recommend doing it as it hasn’t happened since. Happy Blogging! xx

              Liked by 1 person

                    1. Are you still happy to post our first collab at 7pm tonight? I’m so excited to see your post and to recommend people perfect books to give this Christmas. Happy Blogging! xx

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. OMG GIRL… ERROR AND A HALF!! mine was scheduled for 9 instead of 7 I scheduled it for 21 instead of 19 o clock.. I’m so sorry ive just checked and posted it!!!

                      Liked by 1 person

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