Collabmas Day 10 2016: Stocking Filler Ideas

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

It is normally quite easy to buy someone a larger main present, but sometimes it can be harder to buy smaller gifts. That’s why I am collaborating with Lennie to share with you some of the perfect stocking filler ideas. Enjoy!

I always find it so lovely when a person has gone to the trouble of buying me a book they think I’ll like. It means they have put thought and effort into thinking about what I like to read. You can find my post here about the books that I think would be perfect to give to people this Christmas.


Bath and body sets are perfect, especially when they are so small. The Body Shop have some great ones available. I love this smoky rose one I got for my birthday. Plus it already comes in present worthy wrapping.


I also think CD’s make great small gifts. If you know someone who loves folk-rock then The Lumineers’ latest album Cleopatra would be perfect. You could also check on Amazon to see if any of their favourite artists have released albums recently.


Finally, I’d suggest a plant such as the one in the picture above. I received this one for my birthday and love it. Terrarium style plants are lovely looking and perfect as they don’t require much attention.

Let me know in the comments what you like to give people at Christmas and if this post has helped you. Don’t forget to go and check Lennie’s post out.

Happy Blogging! xx


5 thoughts on “Collabmas Day 10 2016: Stocking Filler Ideas

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry that I completely forgot to post my take on this! I have it written and everything, I just forgot to actually hit that publish button (which is kinda important)
    I’m glad it didn’t mess up your post, and again I’m so sorry. I’ll get it up right now!


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