Collabmas Day 13 2016: A Letter I’ll Never Send

Welcome Back To A Day In The Life Of The Anonymous Me,

Today I am collaborating with RosyPop and we are sharing with you some writing we have done recently. Mine is a letter that I wrote to my grandparents that I’ll never send. I quite often write letters I’ll never send. It allows me to say what I want to say to people when it isn’t possible. I would thoroughly recommend it.


Dear Granny and Grandad,

I have just a short message for you today.

Your tree adds a warm glow to my room. The lights add cascades of colour to my walls. They’ve painted my walls with happy memories.  I like to think it’s like you’re here with me. Every decoration reminds me of a childhood memory. I opened the boxes we used to put under the tree and they are still full with Quality Streets. It’s mostly the green triangle ones left. Grandad, do you remember you used to put the wrappers back in the boxes in the shapes of sweets to make it look like there were still sweets left? I remember I used to hide the wrappers down the side of the chair so I could have more. We were only allowed 3 each back then when we visited every Sunday.

Do you remember Christmas 2005. That is still my favourite Christmas and my favourite day of all time. I still remember your face Granny when you opened the door. I have the photos up in my room. The picture is full of happiness. That’s how I like to remember our time together.

Lots of love, ADITLOTAM xx

So there you have it, there is my letter to my Grandparents. Let me know if you write letters you’ll never send and whether or not this has inspired you to. Also, don’t forget to go and check RosyPop’s blog out.

Happy Blogging! xx


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