Make June The End Of May

I have never been one to talk about politics in large detail on my blog before, but it is now longer the time to just talk about politics on Twitter, but instead talk to a much larger group of people. All 169 of you.

Tomorrow the people in the UK have one of the biggest decisions in their lifetime to make. It is not just a general election.

It is an opportunity.

The British public has the opportunity to vote for our NHS. To vote for education. To vote for scrapping university tuition fees. To vote for more bank holidays. To vote for the nationalisation of England’s nine water companies. To vote for a £10 minimum wage. To vote for the guarantee of the triple lock for pensioner incomes. To vote for the abolition of zero hours contacts. To vote for more free childcare. To vote for rail electrification. To vote for hope.

Labour’s manifesto promotes the idea of hope when all other parties promote fear. They are letting you down and your country down as well. BUT tomorrow we can unlock our potential by voting for hope. Your vote matters. You are voting for your future. For your children’s future. For your grandchildren’s future. For your nation’s future. So I’m urging you to vote Labour tomorrow for hope.

You cannot trust Theresa May and the Conservatives. She said there wouldn’t be an election until 2020, then she called a snap election. She said that there should be no referendum in Scotland because ‘politics is not a game’, but that is how she is treating this election. She said we needed an election because Parliament was obstructing Brexit, but that is not true. The House of Commons repeatedly voted with a large majority to trigger Article 50. She campaigned for Remain in 2016 and now has reinvented herself as a hardcore Brexiteer for political advantage. She broke the Conservative’s commitment not to raise national insurance. She promises ‘strong and stable’ leadership when she doesn’t even have the courage to debate her opposition, whether it be Jeremy Corbyn in this election or Donald Trump on the Paris Climate Agreement. How can she negotiate us leaving the EU if she can not face Corbyn in a debate? You can not trust her. She will not give this country hope.

So I ask you this:

  1. If you are part of the electorate vote Labour tomorrow and vote for hope. If you are in a constituency that Labour doesn’t have a chance of winning in, vote for the party that poses the biggest threat to the Conservatives. You can find more out about tactical voting here, so we can bring about hope.
  2. If you are not part of the electorate in the UK or live in a different country, share this post on social media and by reblogging this post on your blog. Buttons to share and reblog can be found at the bottom of this post just before the comments section. You will need to be logged in with WordPress to reblog. If you don’t have a WordPress account, you can copy and paste this post and link back to my blog. Share to bring about hope.
  3. If you aren’t working tomorrow or are on study leave and don’t have an exam go knock on EVERYBODY’s doors. We need to get the electorate out to win. Find out what party they support and if they don’t support the Conservatives persuade them to go vote. Offer lifts in your car. Do whatever you have to. We need the biggest #getoutthevotecampaign there has been of Labour supporters for hope.

So the decision tomorrow is simple. Make June the end of May. Vote Labour. Vote for hope.



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