A Different Point of View 2017

My best friend Maddie and I have a tradition where on Christmas Eve we share with each other our favourite photographs the other person has taken that year. Make sure you go check out her wonderful wonderful blog to see which photographs of mine she chose. Whilst you’re over there give her a follow (you’ll thank me later).


I swear every year the choosing gets harder. So after much deliberation here are the five best photographs you’ve taken this year.image1 (2)I love the warmth and ambience your salt lamp adds to the photograph from your blog post about starting a journal. It makes the photograph feel cosy and welcoming, which is what your blog is; the perfect place to go to with a cup of tea and a blanket.image3 (3)I enjoyed reading about how to make beaded bracelets and I loved how festive the photographs felt. What I loved about this particular photograph was how the textures and tones juxtaposed each other: the smoothness of the beads in contrast to the roughness of the tissue paper; the warmth of the ribbon and table in opposition with the coolness of the beads and tissue paper. The ribbon and fur cones are really nice additions to the photograph and make it feel really festive.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI’ve really enjoyed seeing the journey of your garden. I love the cool tones in this photograph and all the different textures, especially of the straw hat.

image4 (5)I’m a sucker for close up pictures of nature, so how could I not chose this photograph from in bloom? I love the detail on the bees’ wings and how the depth of field draws attention to the bee. The photograph feels really fresh and natural.image2 (5)And now for your best photo of the year; how could I not choose this one of Jack?Through the Window is undoubtedly your best blog post of the year. The idea for the post was genius and it really highlights yours and Katheryne’s creativity. I loved how whimsy and eccentric the post was. This photograph really illustrates Jack’s fun character and personality.

So there you have it, those are my top five favourite photographs that Maddie has taken this year. Which was your favourite photograph? Let me know in the comments. Remember to go and follow her fantastic blog.

Happy Blogmas! x

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