Originality and Inspiration Policy

As most bloggers will now, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to maintain a blog with quality posts. You have to come up with the ideas, write the posts, take the pictures, reply to comments…the list goes on. Therefore, I’m sure you can understand that it is really disheartening to see other people copying your posts.

Blogging is all about originality, expressing yourself, showing your personality and leaving an imprint of you on the internet. How is copying someone’s blog post nearly word for word original? It isn’t. It is using someone else’s talent and claiming it as your own.

Think about it, if you are going to copy someone else’s blog, what is the point of running a blog yourself?

Unfortunately I have had several people copying my blog posts and it made me not want to blog. I thought that if I didn’t post I wouldn’t give them anything else to copy. They were stopping me doing a thing that I love and a thing that has got me through so much. Therefore, I am creating an Originality and Inspiration Policy, so I can continue blogging and prevent people from copying my posts and ideas.

Here’s the policy…

(1) Getting inspiration from blogs is great and lots of people say reading blogs is one of their main forms of inspiration. However I have read posts that have clearly been inspired by mine and I have not been given the credit. Therefore, I ask all those who have been inspired by my posts to ask for my permission first and to acknowledge me in the post by using a hyperlink. I will accept all requests to post something inspired by my posts unless you have copied a post of mine before or been inspired by one of my posts and not credited me. When I starting a blog I never thought I would have to ask people to request to post something inspired by my blog, but as a result of what has been going on, I have to.

(2) Tags are a really fun part of blogging and occasionally I take part in them. I will usually tag one or two specific people to take part in the tag and then say that I also nominate anyone else who wants to take part. You are ALL welcome to take part as long I say that anyone can take part and you credit me in your post.

(3) If you have blatantly copied my posts I will name and shame you on my blog. Originality is one of the key parts of blogging and I don’t want other people taking credit for my hard work and creativity. Also, bear in bind that I have nearly 100 followers, so you would be named and shamed to a large group of people.

(4) Anyone who breaks this policy will be named and shamed publicly on my blog.

(5) I ask you to delete all the blog posts that have been copied from my blog or do not follow this policy.

You have all been warned and now know the consequences. If you want to request permission to post something inspired by my blog, you can find my contact details here.

Happy Blogging! xx