The Netherlands 2017

After six weeks of exams a visit to the Netherlands was welcomed with open arms and I had a fabulous time.  I’ve been to the Netherlands more times than I can remember and each time it amazes me that there is still more on offer and more to do. One more canal ride is still just as good as your first and a visit to the top of the new A’DAM tower greets you with a spectacular view. I had so much fun and each minute was action packed. I took a lot of photos and I thought I would share some with you today…

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So there you have it, that was my trip to the Netherlands this year. Have you ever been to the Netherlands? Do you plan on going to the Netherlands? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Blogging! xx



18 thoughts on “The Netherlands 2017

    1. Thank you. A canal ride is a must when you visit and riding on a bike around Amsterdam is also recommended. Happy Blogging! xx


  1. It looks like you had an amazing time and all your pictures are beautiful. You’re a really talented photographer. Your pictures are really individual and unique and your style is specific to you. I love that. The Netherlands is on my list of countries to visit. I’d like to visit every country in Europe.

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  2. You’re photos are out of this world good. You have a real talent and I don’t see much of that online. Most of the photos I see on people’s blogs are unimaginative and lack creativity. Yours are different. I have been to Holland. I went a few years ago and just like you I loved going on the canal. You’re so lucky you’ve been so many times. I’d love to go back.

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    1. Thank you! You must go back to the Netherlands. There is so much more to do every time. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of things to do there. Happy Blogging! xx


  3. These are all spectacular photos, but I especially love the one of the canal ride wher the green leaves are reflecting onto the water. It is a really original type of photo.


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    1. Thank you! You will have a great time in Amsterdam. I’ve been there many times now, so if you want some tips on places to visit/things to do, please feel free to drop me an email – . Happy Blogging! xx
      P.S. I have just looked at your blog and I’m in love with it!


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